Inspiring fitness blogs I love

Starting off in the fitness blogging world and on my own transformation journey, I’m looking for some inspiration like this! Anyone have additions to this list?

Pedal and Pout


I’ve recently been feeling extremely demotivated about achieving my goals and it’s safe to say I’ve definitely gone off track over the past two months…(oops). Luckily though there are some fantastic blogs out there which have encouraged me to get back off my arse again.

Here’s a pick of some of my favourites….

Vivianna Does Makeup

VDM was one of the first blogs I discovered when I found the world of blogging. In the past it has mainly focused on beauty (clues in the name) however over the past 18 months Anna has delved more into fitness and shared her journey with us. In the ‘Fitness Files’ series Anna has shared her favourite workout songs, healthy recipes, favourite gym wear and more. Great to follow on snapchat – Anna isn’t afraid to share her sweaty workouts but caution : you’ll end up wanting to buy the whole of Lulu Lemon.

Zanna Van…

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